January 20, 2010

I guess my New Year's resolution will have to be to update our blog more regularly! I'll try to catch up again in the next few posts.

Christmas this year was so much fun - Katie really got into the excitement. We had two Advent calendars for the countdown; my Aunt Leza sends her a new one every year (like I had growing up) and this year she loved opening the little windows. And Betty Steffensen (aka Oma) made her a cloth one last year that taught her how to use snaps finally!

She finally was willing to talk to Santa, although not in his lap, and she loved all the lights and decorations everywhere, including our house. She helped hang ornaments on the tree. And of course she made lots of her own decorations in preschool. We also took her to the Candlelight Concert at Bucknell this year, which she really enjoyed (as did we - so beautiful). Here she is in one of her Christmas dresses, ready for the concert.

The best, of course, was Christmas day. Nana (Dave's mom) came up for the week, and it was so much fun to see Katie's reaction to all the presents - and to each individual one. Each one was the "best ever" until she opened the next one. I have to say that this is really the first year that I didn't care much about celebrating my birthday - it was just great to watch Katie. Her big present from Santa was a "Belle dress" (from Beauty and the Beast, for anyone who doesn't know their Disney princesses). What a great day!