February 4, 2010

New Year's Eve 2009

We went to State College again this year for First Night (New Year's Eve) - mostly because Callanish was performing. It's a great gig for us - we get over 200 people every year, and we get a professional sound guy. And I see friends and fans from State College that I only get to see once a year.

We also got to have yummy Indian food with our friend - and Katie's godmother - Ann Marie and her boyfriend Brian.

But the most fun that day was ice skating at the Penn State ice rink. Katie has been wanting to go ever since she saw some on TV; those ladies are ballerinas on ice, right? We even prepped with books from the library - here she is on the trip to State College, saving her energy. :)

We got out on the ice - Katie VERY reluctantly - and took at least 10 minutes to go once around with her between me and Dave. So she and I got off the ice while Dave skated. We got her back on a few minutes later for one trip around. With 10 minutes left in the session, she wanted to get back on the ice with Daddy - and then didn't want to get off! We're excited to try ice skating on our outdoor Lewisburg rink when it opens back up (this week, I think). No photos, though - Katie was moving too much and they're all blurry!