September 10, 2010

Our summer vacation

We did get one vacation trip this summer - to Toronto for Dave's conference. I still can't believe we packed so much in to one week, and that Katie did as much walking as she did. A real trooper. So here's the nutshell version of the trip:

Niagara Falls - we stayed there overnight on our way (we drove).
Katie was not really impressed with the falls (any of them), but did like the fake mummy outside the Ripley's Museum. Sigh.

We went to all the museums on Toronto's City Pass. I know - tourists. But they were worth it, really! We went up the CN Tower, and looked through the floor at the retracted baseball stadium roof.

Katie and I took the subway and then walked up a BIG hill to Casa Loma, a 20th-century castle with a not-so-fairy-tale story, but still beautiful.
The audioguide stick was a huge hit with Katie; I think I liked the gardens best.

We took a ferry to an island in Lake Ontario, with an amusement park - probably the highlight of the trip for Katie!

Us girls drove out to the Toronto Zoo one day, which we both liked even in the beating-down sun and high temps we didn't expect in Canada. And Katie learned how to use Mommy's camera!

Dave got to go to two very cool museums with us - the natural history/history/culture museum known as the Royal Ontario Museum (dinosaurs, other neat stuff, dinosaurs, more dinosaurs - guess what Katie wanted to see?) and the Ontario Science Centre.

Then we drove home and recovered from our trip. :)