July 18, 2010

Princess Camp

Yes, indeed, there is such a thing as Princess Camp - and as soon as I heard about it, I knew I had to sign Katie up! Thanks to my friend Jen for the info; her daughter Charlotte (one year older than Katie) has gone twice.

The girls - 25 of them ages 3 to 8 - colored, made crafts, listened to stories, played games, did some dancing, and "billowed" (ran under cloth swaths held up in the air) for four mornings. Four very hot mornings in a non-air-conditioned dance studio in Danville. Oh, yeah, on the second floor, too. Each day was focused on a different princess, and the girls were encouraged to dress up.

Day 1: Cinderella (Katie has a Cinderella dress, as did Charlotte and most of the other girls!)
Day 2: Ariel (K wore her purple princess dress. Looks nice with the green lei she chose, don't you think?)
Day 3: Jasmine (K wore capris and a bathing suit top, very cute)
Day 4: Fairytopia (again, we have the official dress, but both the wings that go with it and the purple ones from Aunt Jen were cast aside for the borrowed ones at the studio that all the other girls were wearing. Who knew there was peer pressure in Fairytopia?)

At the end of the week, they all got a gold medal that says "Winner". Katie was very proud of it! I think we'll be signing up again next summer....