May 24, 2010

Ballet recital May 20

I'll skip right over the Lewisburg Arts Festival this year, since I didn't take any photos. I did everything else, though, at least it felt like it (just kidding - it's a great bunch of hardworking volunteers)! But it was a big success all around.

Our next goal - besides the end of the semester for Dave - was Katie's ballet recital. Her class is the youngest, and of course the cutest. Some of them did some dancing, some did some standing around..... The whole recital was really nice, actually, and Katie got to watch all the other numbers. Now she's really inspired to keep going. You can see how enthusiastic she was, even before taking the stage! Thanks to my friend Lin for some of these great photos.

After the recital was over, we took our turn up on stage to take photos. Guess who couldn't stop dancing?

Character meetings

It just so happened that WVIA, our public TV and radio station, had two events in the Lewisburg area in late April/early May that both involved big costumed characters from TV. Katie used to be nervous around them, but as you can see here, she isn't anymore! We had fun with Clifford the Big Red Dog at Wendy's for dinner one week:

And then Dave took her to Reptileland to meet Buddy from Dinosaur Train (her favorite TV show - a really good one). I don't do Reptileland. But they had a great time, and Katie even taught Buddy some ballet.

Katie's 4th birthday

Surprise, surprise, Katie wanted a princess party for her birthday! So all the little girls dressed in princess costumes, and we played (easy) princess games, had a castle cake, and attempted to destroy a pink crown pinata. They all had a great time and were so cute! We had the party the day before her birthday, since it fell on Easter this year. And Nana was here, which made it even more fun.

Winter and spring 2010

OK, here's a quick run through the rest of winter and spring, by way of a few select photos!

Katie started ballet class (really, Creative Movement for preschoolers) in January, and LOVES it.

We helped out with the Lewisburg Ice Festival again this year, and got to play with the ice and snow. It was a real treat for Katie, since we had no winter in San Antonio last year.

And of course there's always dressing up....

Colorado trip

OK, so I'm many months behind. But I couldn't post last week's events without posting a few photos of the winter and spring. I'll make them all brief.

Our big event was our trip to Colorado in January. We went with Dave's mom Martie (Nana) and got to see Sara's sister Jennifer and her family, and Dave's brother Doug and his girlfriend, Georgia. Sara's dad and Cynthia came up for the weekend while we were there, too. Big family reunion!

And when we got home to DC, we visited with Sara's brother Rob and his family. So Katie got to see all her grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins in one week!

We went to several museums, including the Art Museum, which was really terrific. They had a whole section of interactive exhibits, which explains why Katie and Aunt Jen look like this:

Here's Katie at the Children's Museum with Georgia:

It was a long time before Katie stopped talking about the Bells' cats; Rosie was willing to let Katie pet and cuddle with her (Oliver never lets that happen at home!).