May 31, 2011

Dance recital 2011

Katie's dance recital was last Thursday - the culmination of a eight months of ballet classes. And she couldn't WAIT to put on the costume and get on stage! (Here's a closeup of the costume.)

They danced to a fun version of "I'm a little teapot", which automatically made the dance cute no matter what they did. But they all did a pretty good job, considering all the steps they had to learn. Katie performed better live than she had in rehearsal (I didn't think she had learned some of the steps, but she clearly had). Destined for the stage, I guess. Sigh.

Oh, and again this year she didn't want to get off the stage after the whole thing was over. She went from whining about being thirsty and hungry to this:

May 27, 2011

Arts Festival

OK, it's two weeks after the final Lewisburg Arts Festival events, and I'm just now posting.... Can you say "exhausted"? It really is an amazing event, run by an ever-growing crew of volunteers. Sometimes I forget I'm a volunteer too! It was great this year, partly because the big Saturday Market Street Festival came complete with the first beautiful weather we'd had in what seemed like months. It finally felt like spring.

Anyway, the highlight was the Keltic Dreams kids that came from the Bronx to do Irish stepdancing in Lewisburg. They were really good, and they were just great kids. Katie (and Nana) got a chance to visit with them at a pre-Festival picnic - Dave and I were at a big Bucknell dinner - and they tried to convince Katie to dance with them. No go, but really sweet.

And after their second performance on Saturday, the same kids that looked after Katie found her to say "hi" - again, really sweet. This time, I got pictures. :)