January 11, 2012

Now it's 2012

I guess my New Year's resolution is to start blogging again regularly, since it's been months! Sorry especially for all my relatives who get their Katie fix here. :)

So the quick catch-up is that Katie started kindergarten in August and LOVES it! (see the profile photo at right for her first day) She also has now lost three teeth. The last one was knocked out when she was "pretending to sleepwalk" into a metal sign at a mall. Traumatic, but effective. The first picture is Katie after her first lost tooth; the second is with her church friend Charlotte and their matching top tooth gaps just last week.

The biggest event of the fall was the Colorado wedding of Dave's brother Doug to his now-wife Georgia. Dave was best man and Katie was a very excited flower girl. A very fun weekend was had by all. Here's the happy couple, with Katie at left.

We got back just in time to meet Elmo (and Kevin Clash, his puppeteer):

And I can't sign off without the obligatory Christmas photos.
Katie only asked Santa for one thing: "broadline dry erase markers and a board to go with them" (and she said it at top speed whenever asked). So Santa delivered, to great delight - check out the movie. The other photos are just our cute kid.

Happy New Year, all!

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