February 19, 2012

Big kid weekend

The weekend before Valentine's Day turned out to be a big weekend, although it didn't look that way on the calendar. Friday we knew about: the Dragon Dash!
It's the only fundraiser at Katie's school, and the kids raise pledges to support them jogging around the gym for 15 minutes. That's it - and we're done for the year (yay!). They make a really big deal about at school and the kids really get into it. Here's Katie, jogging her way around (she's got a slow pace, but steady, and she was proud of herself for walking "ZERO times, Mommy!").

Saturday's adventures started with a loose tooth that would NOT come out, leading to a standoff over lunch, to her finally pulling it out. No carrots or apples for a while! We finally got to meet her friend Charlotte, with her dad, for ice skating, then back here for a sleepover weekend. Katie's first - she was so excited!

We took the girls out for dinner - here they are with their matching front tooth gaps, and they stayed up way too late, and got up much earlier than we did, and had a ball. We brought Charlotte back to church to meet up with her family, and here's Katie on the way home from church. Good sleepover.

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