August 22, 2012

First Day of First Grade

I sometimes think I'm the only mom in Lewisburg who isn't sad to see her child to go off to school, if the Facebook postings on my wall are any indication.  But not only do I get some time to myself again (I weeded and did errands, woo-hoo), but the excitement on Katie's face is worth everything.  I always want her to love school, to love to learn, to love to part of a community, and I can't be sad about that!

So today was the first day of school for our school district, and she was up before the alarm clock (so was I, consequently)!  She got herself all ready in her new first-day-of-school dress, and then all three of us went to the bus stop in the cold fog - hence the sweatjacket in August.

She bounced off the bus in the afternoon with as much joy on her face as she started the day.  The biggest thing, apparently, is that they have DESKS instead of tables.  And her teacher does look like a Barbie doll (only not blonde), and her art teacher from last year is back.  Oh, to have that kind of delight in one's day every day!

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