August 21, 2012

Summer's over

OK, I guess it's not officially over, but it's the last night before school starts for everyone else in the family! I thought, before I share the First Day of School photo tomorrow, that I'd report on what I did on my summer vacation.

 - Went to San Antonio (Dave conferenced, Sara reminisced, Katie vacationed, we all sweated in the HOT Texas summer)

- Went to Chicago (Dave conferenced, Sara and Katie played tourist and had a ball)

- Watched my kid grow up all in one week in early August (learned to swim and dive, skipping a whole level of swimming class in one day; got her own library card; grew two big front adult teeth; started taking showers and not baths, and on her own; got new shoes 1 1/2 sizes bigger than the ones she'd worn the day before; got a new big-girl bike)

 - And got to spend down time just playing with my family (in addition to the usual work stuff for both grownups) - we hiked a little, kayaked a little, swam a little, partied a little, played games a little, watched the Olympics a lot.... Guess that means my fall starts tomorrow, too? Maybe I'll just be in denial. I think I'll just keep watching the swimming video over and over. When I can get it to upload, I'll share it with you, too!

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